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tv   Weekly Presidential Address  CSPAN  February 27, 2016 6:20pm-6:26pm EST

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today in perpetuating that inequality. historic sites address it in fits and starts. as important for people to come here and get a complete understanding of slavery. announcer: for the complete schedule, go to announcer: coming up, a discussion on the issues involved in the conflict between , and accessingle phone data. james comey testified on the matter during a house hearing on the budget request. here is a portion of his response to questions. comey: i have some very strong opinions about that. innk you for being diligent
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pursuing the court order in pursuing the court order and staying on top of this. view is of one member of the committee, but this is a court ordere -- and to comply.fusing if their failure to comply means that there is additional information out there that has artie contributed to other incidents or will in the future contribute to other incidents of terrorism, i think apple leadership risks having blood on their hands and i think tim cook will have a hard time explaining why he stood in the way of justice, so i think you for what you are doing. this is not my iphone you are trying to look at it this is the iphone of syed farook, who is an individual may gave up every single one of his civil liberties. thank you for what you are doing. chairman asked what might be
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on the phone and it led to a bit of supposition of content. from the factual standpoint, what are the files on a typical phone in what profile might you be able to build of his activity or communications? i would presume phone calls, messages. what profile do you not have of this murderer that you might otherwise have? -- veryhallenge we face ofen -- and i don't to any this to pick on the company. the company has been helpful in a lot of voice. i don't doubt they hold honestly, but if this stuff -- wek up to the icloud can get backed up photos and records about people.
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we can get authorization. anything that might be backed up to the cloud might still be on the phone, so that would be photographs or texts or notes or gps information, where the phone traveled. one of our concerns is that for 19 minutes, we cannot figure out where they were after the attacks p we have lifted every gas station and intersection missing- though we are 19 minutes before they were killed by law enforcement. the answer to that maybe on the device. >> on the phone, you would have a gps or tower signals a you could know where they were? >> they may have had all kinds of locator services turned on. these phones are wonderful. i love them. our entire lives in a way are on the phone. that is why people ask questions about privacy but also why i want people to take a step back and say, we got to our world --
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what does the world look like where it is waterproof? >> that is getting more people to understand. open -- we make a showing of probable cause. the judge issues a specific who aren't telling us what we can take from the warrant and we can take from the device and how we can do it. >> thank you for that. obviously, you know the perspective from which i him coming. townsick and tired in this of people not abiding with law enforcement. in this case, that includes apple. you have folks up here that i enforcementth law -- i appreciate what you are doing. i hope that you prevail. i don't doubt their intentions. i agree with you. i do not doubt apple's intentions. i just think that they are wrong . they are airing on the side of privacy and cloaking a national security moment in which they cook it treated to a safer america and they are choosing not to. >> mr. honda?
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>> thank you. i have serious concerns of the privacy implications also, and to attempts to force apple create a hack to allow the fbi to him gain -- to encrypted information on the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. they face a tough challenge investigating this attack on our nation. however, what the fbi requested -- it will create a weakness that can be exploited by apple by those seeking to gain access to the new code. these possibilities must be weighed against different situations. you have said repeatedly to this yet therene phone have been multiple news stories about other phones that the government seeks to access.


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